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During your first acupuncture visit with us we’ll work with you to take your medical history and complaints.  We’ll establish some treatment goals and the application of diagnostic methods to make a treatment plan.

We’ll also make practical suggestions to help you reach your goals quickly. We may include exercises, lifestyle and dietary help.

The treatment itself includes application of needles, and may include cupping, moxa, or electro acupuncture.

Private health fund rebates available on the spot with your health insurance card.


Our first contact is the most important. It is a time for you to share your story, which helps us establish a pathway of working together. It involves a thorough medical history, the clarifying and defining of session goals, and making agreements of safety, confidentiality and sobriety.

Because we know how important it is to be trusted by you, when you come to see us, we want you to be feeling safe, welcomed and comfortable. We want you to feel like you can share what you need so that you can get the best possible outcome.

In addition to sharing life experiences and goals, a session involves brief education pieces that are relevant to your needs, concise explanation of hypnoenergetics 5D and/or Universal Consciousness, the facilitated experience, a debrief and integration, and finally, a conversation about your life moving forward.

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