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Let us help you overcome pain, heal and bring your life back into balance. A life that is strong, healthy and happy. We can support, strengthen and maintain your body’s natural defences. Know who you are, know that you are powerful, and know that it is your birthright to be free.

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Get Your Life Back

Put an end to your painful physical problems sooner rather than later. Let us help you with your goal to get back on track of a happy and healthy life now!

Reduce Muscle & Joint Pain

Whether you have had a recent injury or feel as though you’re in a constant battle with arthritis or sciatica, we can tailor treatments for you.

Friendly, Caring Staff

We’re a professional, friendly home-based acupuncture clinic that aims to give every client the most pleasant and effective healing experience.

Practical Advice

We’ll also make practical suggestions to help you reach your goals quickly. We may include exercises, lifestyle and dietary help.

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Meet The Team


Dr. Jessica Bagnall

BHSc Acupuncture

Jessica is a registered acupuncturist through AHPRA and AACMA. She focuses on providing thorough, individualized and comprehensive care to her patients, treating a variety of conditions.

Jessica understands that when the body is not in harmony, a person may not function as normal which can be frustrating.

Jessica has a passion in allowing the body to heal itself with a little help from acupuncture, and preventing the disharmony from happening again.


Dr. Robert Coombs

BHSc Acupuncture, Dip. Hypnoenergetics 5D, Dip. Universal Consciousness

Robert is a registered acupuncturist with AHPRA and a member of AACMA.

Robert is passionate about working with his clients through practicing hypnotherapist specializing in the facilitation models of Hypnoenergetics 5D and Universal Consciousness.

Believing that at the core of our being we are energetic and multidimensional beings sharing a human experience, Robert utilises his skills to work with the physical body, emotions, consciousness, and the energetic landscape of an individual to get the best outcome out of a session.

Ultimately healing the body, releasing supressed emotions and non-serving beliefs, expanding awareness and integrating new and profound insights of who we truly are.




Edward is the newest employee at the clinic. He’s very friendly, and always there to help greet the patients.

He enjoys sleeping and cuddles!

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